Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 28384937

Week Hey fam, the weeks are going by faster than ever. Ill just give you the run down of what i remember.

On Monday we went to Carter McEwans mission call opening. It was cool to watch it and remember when i opened mine. He had a lot of his friends and family there and asked us to share a brief restoration with everyone and let them all know what he would be sharing with people for the next two years. It was a powerful message. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we were at training meetings every morning all over the mission and on exchanges with other missionaries. Super busy couple of days but we got tons done and it was fun. Saturday and Sunday we have been prepping for zone conferences for this week. So we will be giving trainings to all of the missionaries and be all over the mission again. Big week ahead of us!

Cool experience though. Sunday morning we went to the marine base to teach the recruits. I was talking to this one recruit about the week and we were talking alot about prayer. He told me he prays like 1000 times a day and feels that he is annoying God because he prays so much haha. Anyways these guys go through the ringer every day and this guy has been having knee problems. They were on one of their long hikes and he said right when he started his knee was killing him and he didnt think he was going to be able to do it. He kept praying through the hike. He said at one point he was going up a steep slope and felt someone distinctly push him and lift his pack. He turned around and there was nobody close to him at all. He thought about that the rest of the hike. He knew that it was help from God and that his prayer was answered. Its powerful and humbling being able to talk with these recruits that are going through so much and turn to God through it all. I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for us and does answer our prayers.

Love you all have a great week!

Our boy Elvis
Carters opening

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Conference week

Hey fam, another great week! Just a quick run down of the week..

Tuesday we dropped of Horton so me and Higgy held down the fort in the Vista YSA. We taught and picked up a new investigator. Solid dude. We picked Horton up Tuesday night and the trio was reuinited.

Wednesday we met with the San Diego Assistants for a meeting. We talked about the military base that we work on cause we have to relay information back and forth. It was cool getting to talk to other missionaries in a different mission. The rest of the day we prepped for MLC on Friday.

Thursday was a day full of planning and meetings. We had a meeting with all of the new missionaries. Its fun to see how young and ready to work missionaries are. We ate with the Morenos on Thursday too.

Friday we had MLC. Me, Horton and Higgy gave two trainings. It was fun with them. That took up most of the day but was a successful meeting.

Saturday we watched the morning session then had a planning meeting/lunch at President and Sister Thomass house and then watched the Saturday afternoonSession. Uncle Matt came down to Vista for the Priesthood session. Its just regular seeing him now haha. 

Sunday was awesome. We went to Edson Range and had a baptism. Recruit Eisom from Texas. Such a good guy. Then we had sacrament meeting there (we took the sacrament on conference weekend i felt special) and taught some more recruits. We caught the afternoon session of conference and then caught up on the morning session that evening.

Overall a pretty great week. Conference is always great. When you go with questions and have your heart open to the Spirit you will get answers! I got plenty this weekend. I learned so much on the importance and role of the Holy Ghost in my life. Its such a cool and special gift that we all have as members of the church. 

Love you all have a great week!

You got all of Sister Thomass pics already but here is one from this morning. Fishing with the buddies! We didnt catch anything though but it was still a good time

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another week

Hey guys its been another good one. On Tuesday Elder Higginson left to travel for the week and be on exchanges with other missionaries. So it was me and Elder Horton holding down the fort. Tuesday night we had Elders come over to start some exchanges. Wednesday we hit the pave on exchanges and got a lot done. Wednesday night we did the same thing with another companionship of Elders. Thursday i was with another Spanish missionary so we went by all of the Spanish names that we had and got some work done. It was cool to see in those 2 days of exchanges we picked up 3 new people to teach. Something that hasn't happened in this area in awhile. Ive seen over and over again on my mission when you are doing the things that you are supposed to God will eventually bless you. It doesn't always come immediately, in fact it almost never come immediately, but it does come. Exchanges are super tiring but pretty fun. Thursday night we picked up our boy Higgy again because we had a meeting with President on Friday. We have a mission leadership meeting on Friday so we started to plan the training's that we will give for that meeting. That took up most of our Saturday. On Saturday night we had dinner with an older couple that Elder Horton taught and helped join the church. Its so cool to hear conversion stories. Sunday is always a great day but a dang long one. We woke up early so we could get over to the military base. I am teaching a recruit that is from Texas. He is one of those people that is ready to receive the gospel. Such a good guy. Its fun listen to the recruits stories from boot camp. Being out there serving them has made me appreciate even more what our military sacrifices for our country. It makes me even more proud to be an American. 

I'm busier than ever and more tired than ever but i'm happy right now and things are going great. 

Dont have many pics from this week but here are some

The Christensens (senior couple that worked in the office) went home this week (my hair is long)
The two knee Elders that returned (my hair is buzzed)
From awhile ago but me and E. Ruhl at Edson Range


Hey fam! Another full week. It all started Tuesday with picking up the new missionaries. That always a fun experience because i get to look back at when i was fresh out and see how much ive grown. So we picked up the new missionaries and took them to the mission office. Then later that day i said bye to Elder Ruhl (he is training his last two transfers) and got my new comps Elder Horton and Elder Higginson. That night we took all of the missionaries that were going home to the mission home. Early Wednesday morning we did a temple session at the San Diego temple then dropped off the departing missionaries at the airport. Then we did our usual celebration at In-n-out to complete the transfer. Its always a fun couple of days but so busy and so tiring. The rest of the week we mostly spent doing administrative stuff and doing paperwork. This week is open though so we will have a lot of time to get at it. 

Here are some pics from the week:

Picking up new missionaries
The trio
The mission home dinner crew
Elder Higginsons brother got married that day so we congratulated him
The drop off
Trainer and new missionary meeting