Monday, January 23, 2017



Hey fam, its been a pretty good week for us. Not too crazy but just enough. The weather was ridiculous over here. It was like a hurricane on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Lots of water. We taught a lot this week though and thats always fun. We have a couple of members in the YSA that we are teaching their friends right now and they are coming to church off and on. We started transfer planning with President Thomas this past week for this next transfer that comes up next week. I cant believe this one is almost over... They go by so fast now! 

Yesterday was another awesome Sunday. We woke up at our usual 5:30 to go to the marine base and teach the recruits. Two recruits were baptized yesterday so it was a great way to start off the day. Then we went to our YSA ward and i spoke on the significance of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit is so important in all of our lives. We dont realize just how much it really can help us! Elder Ballard gives some good advice on how to recognize the Spirit more in our lives he says:

“As an apostle, I now ask you a question: Do you have any personal quiet time? I have wondered if those who lived in the past had more opportunity than we do now to see, feel, and experience the presence of the Spirit in their lives.”

“Seemingly, as our world gets brighter, louder, and busier, we have a greater challenge feeling the Spirit in our lives. If your life is void of quiet time, would you begin today to seek for some?”

So thats what i invite all of you to do this week. Take some personal quiet time (with no phones or electronics) and ponder on what the Spirit is telling you and what you need to do or change in your lives. 

Another cool thing that happened just this morning is we drove up to Palomar mountain, which is in my old area in Valley Center, and saw the snow!! Who would of thought it would be snowing in Southern California.. 

Have a great week everyone i love you all!

The other picture is from Spanish Conference that we had this past week.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pictures from Christmas

We got to talk about an hour and a half. He's doing great just a grown up man now! He will be home on June 7,in less than 5 months I can't believe how fast this 2 years have gone!!

Crazy busy dec 19, 2016

This week has been crazy busy. It feels like a month has been crammed into last week but it flew by. Tuesday night i got to stay in the mission home with all of the missionaries that were going home the next day. Then i got to drive them all to the airport and drop them off. It was really sad seeing missionaries go home! The rest of the week was busy. Ive been with President and Sister Thomas a lot more now and they are awesome. It is fun being around them. I dont have much time but the coolest part of the week was going to Edson Range on Sunday. We get to work with all of the recruits on the marine base. They are fresh in training and get destroyed during the week, so a lot of them (non members and members) come to church on Sunday cause they are in a humble place. It was a really cool experience. We get there a couple hours before church and pull the recruits aside and teach them. They are all searching for God and really seeking his help. Its cool how humble and willing they are. After the church services there are a bunch of recruits that come up to the missionaries and ask for priesthood blessings. So there are just a bunch of blessings going on in the same room at once and its awesome. Definitely the highlight of my week. 

I love you all, have a Merry Christmas and ill talk to you on Sunday!!

Here are some pictures from the week

Elder Ruhl and me at the temple

In the office with Elder Mcllelan

at the temple with the departing missionaries

Me and Elder Ruhl were on dishes at the mission home

At the San Diego temple light

Pres and sister Thomas took us to lunch

1/9/17 another week

A lot has been accomplished this past week. We went on exchanges with a lot of Elders. Including Wednesday night with Elder Major, Elder Gull and Elder Hadfield where we had a sleepover in the mission home. We all stayed the night there because Thursday morning bright and early Elder Major left for the airport to head home. It was sad seeing him leave and crazy he finished his mission! We visited Zone Training Meetings all over the mission this week. It was a really cool experience to see all the missionaries. We spent this past weekend planning for Zone Conferences this week. Elder Ruhl and I are giving some training to the mission and we are pretty excited about them. 

Sunday was definitely the highlight of the week. It started at 5:30 am but still a good day. Edson Range (marine base) kicked it off. We got there and taught all of our investigators and then had a fast and testimony meeting. Honestly one of the most powerful meetings i have ever been in. Listening to the Recruits get up and bear their testimonies is powerful. The rest of the day just followed. 

I hope you all reach out to those that need it this week. I love you all!

Pres Thomas elder Ruhl elder major me elder gull elder hadfield

New year 1/3/17

Hey peeps, to start it off Happy New Year! I really cant believe its 2017. I didnt think this year would ever come around. This past week has been really busy but we have gotten tons done. Dont have much time today but hope you all set some goals for this year and make it the best one yet. Love you all!​​

Transfers 12/14/16

Well like all of you have heard im getting transfered. Its been a great 6 months in the Fallbrook 5th ward. I love it there. But im getting transfered to the Vista YSA and ill be meeting in the same building so ill still see everyone haha. Its always sad saying bye to people you have gotten close with. Im excited for my new companion Elder Ruhl, he is a stud!

**some that he wrote to me this week
Hey momma, yep im getting transfered out of Fallbrook 5th. its a sad time. I really love this area and the people here. I said most of my goodbyes yesterday but this area has been my favorite for sure. Haha well you already know and have heard everything so i guess i dont need to tell you! I bet its nice having a brother that lives in my mission. Thats funny, did Shannon tell my President that she is my aunt? I know im excited for my new calling and opportunity but im pretty nervous about it. Its a lot of work.So yeah you have already heard what is happening with my transfers.Im going to be working in the office as an assistant  But im getting a solid companion and im pumped for it. His name is Elder Ruhl. He is 24 so a little older but he is a convert of a couple years. He is a stud. Ill be in the Vista YSA now. Its gonna be weird working with YSA kids haha. Im excited cause i cover the entire stake and thats the stake Fallbrook 5th is in so ill still see most of the members in that ward. 

Thanksgiving 11/28/16

First off shout out to the little brother for taking state. Thats big time. Also Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed family time. 

This past week has been great. I love holidays. Thanksgiving did me good. We had a turkey bowl with a bunch of missionaries and ate more than enough food. Great day. This weekend it rained and rained and rained. People felt bad for us though and let us in. So that was good.

The Church has released a Christmas video. Im sure you have all seen it by now but its Light the World. I love it. It goes a long with  my favorite scripture 3 Nephi 12:16 "Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven"
So starting Dec. 1st i invite all of you to "let your light shine" and do the 25 ways in 25 days challenge. Go to mormon,org to see what the daily challenge is. 

I love you all have a great week
Go watch the Christmas video here

Elder Oaks 11/21/16

Hey fam its gonna be a quick one. But definitely the highlight of the week was Elder Dallin H. Oaks coming and visiting. Our entire mission got together and we all got to shake his hand and he spoke to us for about 45 minutes. Its a pretty cool experience listening to an Apostle but even cooler when he is right there in front of you in person. So yeah i learned tons from him. But one thing that all of you can do that Elder Oaks said from his talk in last conference (Sharing the Restored Gospel)
1-Pray for a desire.
2-Keep the commandments.
3-Pray for inspiration on what to do and say.

So this next week i encourage all of you to do these three things in your missionary work. 

Other than that i hope you have a great thanksgiving week. Enjoy the family time and remember what you are thankful for!! 

Also shout out to Chandler and Gunner. Goodluck in the State Championship this week!

Busyness 11/14/16

Hey fam! this is going to be a quick one. This week we had transfers. The Fallbrook zone has a ton of new faces and new missionaries. We spent a lot of this past week helping other missionaries and getting Elder Nokes familiar with the ward and setting up our ward mission plan. On Saturday morning we went to a 5k turkey trot with our ward. Well here are some pictures. Have a great week everyone!

The map of our area
If football doesn't work out I can always be a tractor driver!