Tuesday, March 22, 2016


March 21, 2016

I went back to High School this week. I just couldn't stay away hahaha. The youth in our ward have an LDS club and they invited the Elders to come so we went to High School! Well everyone is complaining about my emails being short so here is a super sweet spiritual experience from this past week. We are teaching a Jewish Rabbi right now. He knows like 39378954653047590348590 times more than i do and he speaks tons of languages including Hebrew and knows the Torah like the back of his hand. So he thinks his grandfather was a mormon. We have been working with one of our members to do his family history  to find out if he was. But this past week we went over to Rabbis house and he pulled out his grandpas briefcase so we could get some information. He has looked through that briefcase tons before but this time we found a special paper. It was his grandfathers Patriarchal blessing. He told me and Elder Rodriguez to read it and explain to him what it all meant. In it it said that his grandpa would be an example to his children and most of them would join the church. He then bore to us his testimony of Jesus Christ and cried because his entire life has been leading up to this. Its amazing what the Spirit can do to people and how it can touch their lives and change them. I cant say that it is anything i did because i know that it was God working through me to touch his life. I love my mission. I love the people and i am trying to love them more and more everyday. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

VC life

March 14, 2016
It has been a fantastic week here in Valley Center. I had a great birthday thanks to the Rushs and the Reilys. I feel at home here. Its been a crazy week and went really fast so i dont really remember what happened. Some pics should do though. Everyone have a great week, i love all of you!
{Baylor is such a dork, he did tell Cade they have so many referrals and are teaching tons...failed to mention that in this super short email!}
I received pictures and videos from Sister Rush, she took good care of him for his bday!
This is the picture Baylor sent me all the others are from sweet angels who know Baylor doesn't share much with us:)

Full time truck

March 7, 2016

Well this week has been very very eventful. I drove to the top of a huge mountain and was in the pines again (loved it), taught a Jewish Rabbi (it was awesome), went on another temple trip and the San Diego temple is the prettiest temple ever, went on exchanges with my mission brother Elder Farley, worked in alot of sketchy trailer parks, gave alot of blessings, and attended one of the coolest testimony meetings ever. Its been a great week!!!

.Valley Center is the best ward ever. I love it here. This morning we woke up at 445 to play basketball with my Bishop Chapman, my wml Bro. Reily and his two twin boys that are seniors and studs and played basketball and football in high school. It was such a good time!!! Our ward mission leader throws down with everyone about doing missionary work and its the best. VC is great.  Its a small town family feel. My WML, Brother Reily is the man. He is throwing down on everyone cause our teaching pool isnt where its supposed to be. This ward is so missionary minded its ridiculous. I am loving it here. Elder Rodriguez is hilarious and we are having a blast driving around in a truck all day.

  My brother elder Farley!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Horses in my backyard
February 29, 2016

Valley Center was made for Elder Romney. I love this place! I drive around in a truck all day in the mountains and on back roads and i work on indian reservations and trailer parks. Man some crazy things go down haha. The ward is the most missionary minded ward ever. They love missionaries. We have lots of investigators and teach a lot of lessons.  There are so many great people here! I don't have much time today but Valley Center is awesome and i love it. Ill send more next week
  This is where I teach