Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blessings on blessings

This week has been a good one. Everyone is kind of running out of steam right now and struggling in my district so we have given alot of blessings this past week but they have been great experiences. All is well now and the work in VC is booming. I went on Exchanges with Elder Dressman this past week (fellow spanish missionary) and he served in Valley Center for 6 months before i got here so he showed me around a little and it was a super fun time with him. I made the trek back to Del Mar to see Dr. Dustin again for the same toenail that got destroyed awhile back but we are all good now. Hes a great guy. Me and E. Rod are teaching alot but nobody is really progressing so it all just seems kind of pointless but someday these people will all finally take the steps necessary. A cool experience though a recent convert in the ward gave his first talk in sacrament meeting and he told his families conversion story and it was a super powerful story. Its amazing how much the gospel blesses families and changes lives. I love converts. On Saturday we went to a ward service project and cleaned all of the grave stones in the Valley Center cemetary. Im all over the place but thats a brief overview of the week

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week something

Honestly I can't remember much of what went down this week. We did have a Noche Familiar with the Spanish members in the ward it was a blast! We have some hilarious members and they are all the most humble people ever! I Love being a Spanish missionary! Bishop Chapman came to teach the Garcias with us this past week. We are working to get them married then baptized as a family. Hopefully that all happens sometime quick!  The Priesthood is real. I have a real strong testimony of that. The more I learn the more I know this Gospel is true!
Happy birthday pops you aren't that old yet haha
I love you all

What u find in parking lots here

Me and E. Rod in our soccer unis ( that might be the only time I've ever seen him wear soccer clothes haha~mom)

Past 2 weeks

Hello again world I understand I forgot to send a weekly email last week haha so me and lil Rod are staying together for another transfer in Valley Center and we are pumped!! This past week has been crazy! We haven't been teaching as much as we usually do but we have a lot of investigators. We were expecting 5 at church yesterday but non showed up. It was super disappointing because we had our hopes really high! But everyone can chose what they do and we can't control that!

Spiritual thought cause it's been a while..."the only change that is of any worth is a change of heart!" That quote has stuck out to me this week we can change but if it's not sincere there's no point! I love you all thanks for your support and love!!


So my brother Matt lives in Temecula and decided to go search for Elder Romney to go watch priesthood meeting with him. He drove 25 min to Escondido and walked in the chapel. He saw the missionaries sitting in the back and sat behind them. A few minutes later Elser Romney turned around and saw Matt and started laughing! He went and sat by him then Matt took bay and his comp to dinner! I was so jealous but Matt assured me that Baylor is doing so well!! Matt lives in the mission so no rules were broken haha


Happy Easter outside world!! Well from the emails I've gotten I understand that everyone has seen me in bunny ears and I need to lose some weight haha. This past week has been great and soon fast! I feel like I talk to all of you yesterday! Elder rod got a root canal this week so that was fun. We helped a recent convert make a homemade smoker then he smoked us some ribs that were fantastic! This Easter weekend was a little more special to me, I wasnt reflecting on how Jesus Christs atonement and resurrection have helped me, but how they can help others!  It's been a real learning experience. Valley center is taking care of me and in loving it!!
Visiting the observatory in valley center with the district