Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Full time truck

March 7, 2016

Well this week has been very very eventful. I drove to the top of a huge mountain and was in the pines again (loved it), taught a Jewish Rabbi (it was awesome), went on another temple trip and the San Diego temple is the prettiest temple ever, went on exchanges with my mission brother Elder Farley, worked in alot of sketchy trailer parks, gave alot of blessings, and attended one of the coolest testimony meetings ever. Its been a great week!!!

.Valley Center is the best ward ever. I love it here. This morning we woke up at 445 to play basketball with my Bishop Chapman, my wml Bro. Reily and his two twin boys that are seniors and studs and played basketball and football in high school. It was such a good time!!! Our ward mission leader throws down with everyone about doing missionary work and its the best. VC is great.  Its a small town family feel. My WML, Brother Reily is the man. He is throwing down on everyone cause our teaching pool isnt where its supposed to be. This ward is so missionary minded its ridiculous. I am loving it here. Elder Rodriguez is hilarious and we are having a blast driving around in a truck all day.

  My brother elder Farley!

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