Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Transfers 12/14/16

Well like all of you have heard im getting transfered. Its been a great 6 months in the Fallbrook 5th ward. I love it there. But im getting transfered to the Vista YSA and ill be meeting in the same building so ill still see everyone haha. Its always sad saying bye to people you have gotten close with. Im excited for my new companion Elder Ruhl, he is a stud!

**some that he wrote to me this week
Hey momma, yep im getting transfered out of Fallbrook 5th. its a sad time. I really love this area and the people here. I said most of my goodbyes yesterday but this area has been my favorite for sure. Haha well you already know and have heard everything so i guess i dont need to tell you! I bet its nice having a brother that lives in my mission. Thats funny, did Shannon tell my President that she is my aunt? I know im excited for my new calling and opportunity but im pretty nervous about it. Its a lot of work.So yeah you have already heard what is happening with my transfers.Im going to be working in the office as an assistant  But im getting a solid companion and im pumped for it. His name is Elder Ruhl. He is 24 so a little older but he is a convert of a couple years. He is a stud. Ill be in the Vista YSA now. Its gonna be weird working with YSA kids haha. Im excited cause i cover the entire stake and thats the stake Fallbrook 5th is in so ill still see most of the members in that ward. 

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