Monday, January 23, 2017


Hey fam, its been a pretty good week for us. Not too crazy but just enough. The weather was ridiculous over here. It was like a hurricane on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Lots of water. We taught a lot this week though and thats always fun. We have a couple of members in the YSA that we are teaching their friends right now and they are coming to church off and on. We started transfer planning with President Thomas this past week for this next transfer that comes up next week. I cant believe this one is almost over... They go by so fast now! 

Yesterday was another awesome Sunday. We woke up at our usual 5:30 to go to the marine base and teach the recruits. Two recruits were baptized yesterday so it was a great way to start off the day. Then we went to our YSA ward and i spoke on the significance of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit is so important in all of our lives. We dont realize just how much it really can help us! Elder Ballard gives some good advice on how to recognize the Spirit more in our lives he says:

“As an apostle, I now ask you a question: Do you have any personal quiet time? I have wondered if those who lived in the past had more opportunity than we do now to see, feel, and experience the presence of the Spirit in their lives.”

“Seemingly, as our world gets brighter, louder, and busier, we have a greater challenge feeling the Spirit in our lives. If your life is void of quiet time, would you begin today to seek for some?”

So thats what i invite all of you to do this week. Take some personal quiet time (with no phones or electronics) and ponder on what the Spirit is telling you and what you need to do or change in your lives. 

Another cool thing that happened just this morning is we drove up to Palomar mountain, which is in my old area in Valley Center, and saw the snow!! Who would of thought it would be snowing in Southern California.. 

Have a great week everyone i love you all!

The other picture is from Spanish Conference that we had this past week.

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