Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Crazy busy dec 19, 2016

This week has been crazy busy. It feels like a month has been crammed into last week but it flew by. Tuesday night i got to stay in the mission home with all of the missionaries that were going home the next day. Then i got to drive them all to the airport and drop them off. It was really sad seeing missionaries go home! The rest of the week was busy. Ive been with President and Sister Thomas a lot more now and they are awesome. It is fun being around them. I dont have much time but the coolest part of the week was going to Edson Range on Sunday. We get to work with all of the recruits on the marine base. They are fresh in training and get destroyed during the week, so a lot of them (non members and members) come to church on Sunday cause they are in a humble place. It was a really cool experience. We get there a couple hours before church and pull the recruits aside and teach them. They are all searching for God and really seeking his help. Its cool how humble and willing they are. After the church services there are a bunch of recruits that come up to the missionaries and ask for priesthood blessings. So there are just a bunch of blessings going on in the same room at once and its awesome. Definitely the highlight of my week. 

I love you all, have a Merry Christmas and ill talk to you on Sunday!!

Here are some pictures from the week

Elder Ruhl and me at the temple

In the office with Elder Mcllelan

at the temple with the departing missionaries

Me and Elder Ruhl were on dishes at the mission home

At the San Diego temple light

Pres and sister Thomas took us to lunch

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