Sunday, April 2, 2017


Hey fam! Another full week. It all started Tuesday with picking up the new missionaries. That always a fun experience because i get to look back at when i was fresh out and see how much ive grown. So we picked up the new missionaries and took them to the mission office. Then later that day i said bye to Elder Ruhl (he is training his last two transfers) and got my new comps Elder Horton and Elder Higginson. That night we took all of the missionaries that were going home to the mission home. Early Wednesday morning we did a temple session at the San Diego temple then dropped off the departing missionaries at the airport. Then we did our usual celebration at In-n-out to complete the transfer. Its always a fun couple of days but so busy and so tiring. The rest of the week we mostly spent doing administrative stuff and doing paperwork. This week is open though so we will have a lot of time to get at it. 

Here are some pics from the week:

Picking up new missionaries
The trio
The mission home dinner crew
Elder Higginsons brother got married that day so we congratulated him
The drop off
Trainer and new missionary meeting

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