Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Transfer Planning

Hey guys so a couple quick highlights of the week. This past Thursday we started to transfer plan for transfers coming up a week from Tuesday. Its a long process but cool to see how it all comes together and works out. Then on Friday we had a Mission Leadership Council. President and Sister Thomas took the lead and we did a lot of Leadership Training. It was a great time and a learning experience for everyone there. Jesus Christ was the perfect leader and we should all try to lead like he did. 

Another highlight of the week is the Kuehns (she is Ana Tanners sister not sure if that name rings a bell to anyone) took us to this super nice restaurant in Oceanside and we got crab. Such a good dinner. They spoiled us and it was awesome haha.

Anyways thats all i have for this week, love you guys!

Elder cacitch came back to the mission after knee surgery 

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