Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Palmyra...Never going back

 Hey fam, this week has been pretty crazy. Here is the run down.

We had 3 zone conferences Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all over the mission. Each meeting went really well and we focused on the Book of Mormon (teaching using the Book of Mormon, the converting power of the Book of Mormon, etc.), you cant go wrong with the Book of Mormon.  In all three meetings i gave my "dying" testimony. It was pretty sad and a little emotional. It was cool to be with all the missionaries and reflect on my mission though. 

Friday after Zone Conferences we rolled up to this one house looking for a kid and we didnt find him there, but we talked to his moms boyfriend who told us that the kid we were looking for had moved to a neighborhood across town down a road called Palmyra. So we went to Palmyra. As we got closer the neighborhoods were becoming  more ghetto by the block. Palmyra was no exception. In fact when we pulled up to the culdesac that we were supposed to be at all we could see were several run down townhouses with bare dirt in the front yard and a few people sitting on lawn chairs doing nothing. We stepped out of our car and a lady came across the street to us and said something to the effect of, "I don't know why you are here, but you probably don't want to be on this street. These homes are homes for the mentally insane." Well by the time she told us the whole street knew we were there and it was beginning to feel like an episode of the Walking Dead. Doors and windows were opening and everyone was staring at us. One guy came up to us that had kinda snuck up and asked us some questions, but he heard something (in his head) that distracted him long enough for us to get back in our car to leave. Of course the one time you need your car to start it doesnt start. "This is how it ends" we were all thinking. We were sure that we were dead right then and there. We locked the doors and tried everything we could (the problem with the car was with the key-less start we have a tracking sensor in the car that sometimes interferes with the signals and makes it so that our car won't start). The only thing that we knew for sure would work is if someone were to get out of the car, run outside of the distance that the key can work from and then come back and try to start it then. Elder Horton took that bullet and grabbed the key and ran away from the car to where he was out of the distance, ran back, started the car and we got out of there! It was pretty crazy but fun. Welcome to Vista. So now whenever you refer to Palmyra you will think of the little cute town in New York where the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored and I will think of the street of insane people in Vista, California..

Another big thing that happened this week happened on Saturday when we went into a meeting with our Mission President. By the end of the meeting we added a whole other YSA ward into our proselyting area because of an emergency transfer that happened on Saturday. So now the three of us are covering the Vista YSA and the Carlsbad YSA. We were pretty excited when we heard about the change.

Love you all, hope you have a great week!

Here are some pics of zone conferences

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