Monday, July 27, 2015

Last Day of the MTC..California here i come!

well mtc is over! thank goodness i started loosing my mind a little. i leave tomorrow morning at 3:30 am... so early im not ready for that. So this week was awesome. We feel like veterans and on Wednesday when all the new missionaries got here me and my roomates had so much fun making fun of them when we said "welcome to the MTC" cause we feel like we have been here for years already. My roomates and companion are awesome. We got another Elder in our room Elder Bates who is a convert and he is hilarous and my favorite. "days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days" according to him and its so true. The days are so long its hard to remeber things. I have learned so so so much and feel like a real missionary and feel ready to go out to the field. Aaron Machens companion from Mexico City is one of my teachers, we were buds. Let me tell you guys about the power of prayer. So Wednesday night some clown in our room turned the air down all the way and it was freezing, all we had was a little sheet but we were all too lazy to turn the air up. So we all got maybe two hours of sleep at most. We woke up late and rushed out the door and forgot to have companion prayer and my companion forgot to say his personal prayer. The day was terrible horrible and everything else bad. We were falling asleep in class all morning and were so out of it and didnt understand anything. At lunch i even announced to my roomates "worst day of the MTC so far". I asked my companion if he had said his prayers that morning and he said no and then i told him we didnt say comp prayer. He then said his prayers and we said comp prayer. We immediately felt better and we went to get the mail right after. He had gotten a letter in the mail from his brother (he is a convert and his family is anti mission so big deal) and i got a package full of cinnamon rolls from the Machens. It completely turned that day around. So PRAY. Also shout out to the Machens.

We watched meet the mormons Sunday night and the football part made me so sad. I didnt realize how much i miss football and i cant wait to be back to play. But im doing great and happy and ready to leave to Cali. The church is true everyone. I love and miss you all. 

Elder Romney

     Baylor with Ben Kendrick former basketball "cougar" teammates!

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