Monday, July 20, 2015


hello people of the free world. where do i even start... This has been the craziest busiest week ever. On my flight up i had a layover in denver and was sitting alone in the airport sad and what not when a group of 20 missionaries coming home from their missions in Texas came up and introduced themselves to me. It was something so small but made my day 1000 times better and was truly a blessing. Then walking through the airport in Salt Lake seeing all their families pick them up was awesome and exciting. i got to the MTC fine thanks to brad. I was put in a trio and thats hard but i love them and we get along so well. Elder Herrera who is 21 and a convert is headed to houston texas and Elder Thompson is going to Paraguay. My days are waking up at 6:15 going to class eating going to class eating going to class eating again then studying. i am exhausted by the end of the day. I speak spanish all day long and feel the spirit all day long and i love it. The holy ghost is so strong here. i am learning so much, more than i ever thought was possible. The sisters are very emotional and alot of sweet spirits here. they cry about everything, the elders in my district had to give a sister a blessing and it was such a powerful experience. Dad was right about MTC basketball players, everyone was an "all-star'. My zone president is President Call and he is from the colonies and knows merideth and grandpa. I really need to change my last name though cause i get asked 80 times a day if im related to mitt. We went to the Provo temple and going through with my district and comps was amazing, the spirit is so strong with them. Believe it or not i love it here. The people are great and its like going to church 12 hours a day but somehow enjoyable. I am doing great so nobody worry, believe it or not i havent even cried yet. thats all i got from this week, love you and miss you all but i am doing great.

Elder Romney

                                                     His 2 comps are the middle 2 behind him.

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