Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 18,19 and 20 (playing catch up)

Week 18
Not much happened this week. Elder C. Scot Grow (General Authority) came and gave us a training. Its crazy how in tune with the Spirit he is. Awesome guy. Me and Elder Schow were knocking doors in an apartment complex and randomly decided to leave and we didnt know why we left cause we had nothing else to do. But apparently 30 minutes after we left the complex there was a big SWAT team stand off with snipers and helicopters and all that good stuff cause there was a guy in the complex holding people up with guns. Good thing we didnt knock his door lol. Other than that it was just another normal week being a missionary. Gotta love it though. Hope everyone has a great week!
Week 19-Vacation?
Well this past week has been crazy. I got emergency transferred (i didnt do anything dont worry) so i am now in the Del Mar zone with Elder Clark. It was super sad saying bye to members and people i have gotten close with but im pumped to be here now especially cause im working where we used to vacation every summer haha. We are in a tiny Spanish branch and my area is huge cause we cover half the stake but my area is mostly Encinitas. I went from white and wealthy in Carlsbad to whiter and wealthier here in Del Mar. Its gonna be great though. Elder Clark is the biggest goofball ever and is hilarious, i cant stop laughing when im around him but i already love the guy. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week and eats
  (When I asked him what emergency transfers are for he replied) They are for when there is a situation that a missionary needs to get out of, like threats or girls or something. Dont worry though cause it wasnt cause of me or Elder Schow.
Week 20-Transfers
Well Thanksgiving was great. Had to Mexican Thanksgiving dinners and thought i was gonna die i ate so much. They dont let you say no to food.. It was great though im already loving this little branch here. Elder Clark will be leaving this area tomorrow and I will be training a new missionary. Its gonna be an adventure cause i still dont really know the area and its huge. But im gonna get a brand new missionary!
Missionary work is tough. Really tough. But i see miracles every day that i wouldnt of noticed before. Heavenly Father works in crazy ways and he is always there we just have to recognize how he is there with us. I hope everyone has a great week! ( humble Baylor also told his dad they are making him a district leader along with being a trainer. 😬 didn't happen to mention that to me haha)

The Carlsbad Zone with Elder Grow
Elder Clark and I 

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