Monday, November 7, 2016

Romney/Major round 4

Hey fam just kidding about Major & Romney for a 4th transfer. Elder Major is headed to Del Mar to train for his last couple months of his mission. I will be staying in Fallbrook and Elder Nokes will be my new companion. Ive served around him a couple of times and im pretty pumped about it. He is a funny guy. But itll be different, its been a good run with Elder Major.

So to start off the week we were out knocking doors Tuesday morning in one of the rich neighborhoods in our area. We were just out having a dandy time knocking doors and taking in the sun. I walked into a gated yard to knock another door and a pit bull came out and started growling and walking up to me. I applied Brother Packers training that i learned in Priests quorum (shout up to Mesa ward Priest quorum) and i tried standing my ground. Then the dog lunged at me and i kicked it in the head. I then proceeded to run out of the gate but my companion being the smart guy that he is closed the gate behind him as he ran out. So there i was fighting off a pit bull with my bare hands in the vicious environment of an upper middle class neighborhood in southern California. I can say that i came out unharmed. Im a survivor. (Elder Major does want anyone to know that if he didnt close the gate the dog would of chased us for miles and miles and we would of both been killed)

haha anyways it was a fun time and i felt like a missionary. This weekend Elder Major has been saying by to a lot of families that we have gotten close with. There are some dang good people over here. Its going to be sad leaving this area. 

This past week we had the Directory of proselyting for the church come and visit our mission. He had a conference with all the leaders in the mission and taught us some super cool things. He said some things that really stuck with me and some things i wish i would of known a lot earlier in my mission. Im learning and growing tons every day. Love you all have a great week!

Kenny and his parents 

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