Monday, October 31, 2016


Hey fam!! What a week. To start the week off we had our temple trip. So we drove down to the San Diego temple and got a great session in. After we got some super good fish tacos. Just a great day haha. On Thursday went on exchanges in Vista. Vista is a sketchy place haha but back in Spanish work for a couple days. It was pretty fun speaking spanish again actually. Overall its just been a really great week and we have been really busy.

Our 82 year old investigator Norma Jeanne Haynes was baptized this past Saturday. I had the privilege of performing the baptism. It was one of the best experiences ive had on my mission. Norma has a pretty cool story though. She has been looking for "home" her entire life. She has been praying to find the truth her whole life and nothing ever felt right. Until one day two 19 and 20 year old kids knocked on her door and brought it to her. Its been a process over the past couple of months teaching and helping her but everything finally clicked. Since Norma was baptized she has told us over and over again how full of gratitude she is and how much peace she feels. That right there is what makes all the long hard days worth it. I love that sweet old lady. We actaully have the entire day off today for halloween. Its gonna be weird not going out to work! This will be my first day since ive been out on my mission that i dont go out and work. I might not know what to do. So we are just gonna hang out with missionaries and members. We are gonna go to the Norris's and carve pumpkins. Yep transfers are next week and Major is probably for sure out of here and i might be out as well but i guess we will see next week

I love you all hope you have a great week and are being missionaries!

I have a lot of pics for you guys this week

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