Monday, October 3, 2016

September 26

Hey world. So we got transfer calls this past weekend and me and Major are staying together for another one. This will be our 3rd transfer together and that rarely happens that companions stay together for 3. Im pretty pumped about it. So Major & Romney will be in the Fallbrook 5th ward for another 6 weeks.

This past week not too much happened. We had a couple lessons. Our 82 year old investigator came to church. It finally rained here so that shook things up a little. It wasnt clear blue and 72 for the first time in like 5 months. I had to go back up to Murrieta this past week and do a baptismal interview in spanish. Its nice speaking spanish cause i get to tour the mission to do baptism interviews for investigators that dont speak english. 

General Conference is coming up this weekend. Im pretty excited. Conference is different as a missionary, its a really cool time. I hope all of you take questions that you have to conference cause they WILL be answered.

Thats all i got for this week, if you want to know more email me questions you have.
I love you guys.

Me, Major, Phillips, Ruhl and all the Norris kids. 
***September 18th he didn't write a group letter but heres an experience from that week.
So My brother Matt got a text from Elder Romney saying their dinner apt fell thru and he had a Spanish interview over in Temecula by Matts house that night, he wondered if Matt could make them dinner.  Matt just laughed and said well if you don't care that Grandma allen is here!  Matts wife Shannon had gone to New York to visit her brother for the week so my Mom was there to help with the kids.  My mom fixed Baylor and his companion dinner and was so giddy when she told me she got to feed and hug Baylor!  Hes having lots of different experiences on his mission that most missionaries don't get! 

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