Monday, October 24, 2016

Go and Do Oct. 11

Hey guys! Its been a super busy week over here. But its also been a fun one. So last Tuesday we dropped off Elder Dressen (our mini missionary) and he is in Guatemala now. So it was back to the dynamic duo. Major & Romney out fighting crime and preaching the word in the streets of Bonsall. Not so much fighting crime but this week we taught a lot more than we have been. We have been teaching our investigator Kenny and its powerful to see where he started and where he is at now. He is changed and you can tell just by looking at him. We are also teaching Norma. That sweet old lady. This past week she has been telling us over and over how much peace she feels in her life because she has been feeling the Spirit on a regular basis. To me as a missionary seeing those changes and blessings in other peoples lives makes it all worth it and makes me happy.

One thing ive been trying to work on lately is following the Spirit. It seems easy enough but i struggle with it. On Sunday our Bishop shook things up a little. We had our regular sacrament meeting but second hour it was all combined. We watched a talk from Elder Bednar about going and acting on promptings. So after second hour the ward went out and acted on promptings. We visited less actives or non members that we were prompted to go by. It was a really cool experience for everyone. Not just because we only had 2 hours of church but that people were actually inspired by the Spirit on who to go by. The more we act on inspiration, the more promptings we are going to receive from the Spirit and the more clear things will be to us. 

Hope you all have a great week, love you guys!

This is the squad. Love these guys

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