Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 10 rain☔️

Well i had my first day of being a missionary in the rain. It rained allllllll day long but that doesnt mean anything. It was fun though cause people still wouldnt let us in and there was nobody on the streets so when we saw someone it was a miracle and we would do everything we could to talk to them. We had Zone Training this week and after all the Elders went to a place called Tip Top they have the best hamburgers ever there and we met the boss, Big Jon, and he hooked us all up wit free food!!! Thats alot of food for 15 Elders.

Carlsbad California is not the ideal place for Spanish missionary work. It is a very very white place and so we are in the same sketch neighborhoods everyday casue thats where the few hispanics are. Its great though cause im starting to know people. Other than that its been a slower week
                          Me and elder Schow being rad like usual
                                            My favorite sign so so far, we see signs like this all the time
                                                       Me-Elder Stewart_Elder Schow

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