Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 11

Where do I even start........ First of all i got the worst in grown toenail ive ever had and i couldnt get it out so i had to go to the doctor. Dr. Dustin was a memeber and just a super awesome guy, he got my toenail out and then asked if i wanted surgery on it real quick so i said why not and so he just did all kinds of jamming and cutting and chemicals and it was a real fun time in the doctors office. But hey ill never get an ingrown on that toe agian so we are good. So because of that i couldnt walk for a couple days but that doesnt matter if you are a missionary. So i limped around very very slowly for a couple days this past week. We ran into a Christian rapper on the bus and he just started rapping when he saw us and we got into it and it was awesome haha. We ate dinner with a member and i asked for "poquito mas" but that was a mistake casue those words mean nothing in this culture so i ended up gaining 6 pounds at dinner (yes i weighed myself befoer and after) but i wont tell you what my actual weight is right now. We walked past Carlsbad high school on friday night and they were having there Homecoming game and man it was so great watching that and they have a sweet stadium!! I also invited an investigator to Catholic church this past week so yeah that was interesting and not sure why that happened but i guess we will see. Basically its been a crazy week.
Anyways on a more serious note I am very thankful for my weaknesses and failures. I wish i had realized earlier that the way i learn is from failing. I have been scared to fail my entire life but its been over these past weeks i have realized that the way i learn is by messing up and trying again. I also realizzed how selfish i am and how much i need to humble myself. Ether 12:27 has been my favorite scripture that i have read tons of times. I have so many weaknesses and i am thankful for them though because i am learning so much. I am in the process of trying to humble myself so that those failures will eventually turn into strengths and succes. Hopefully it doesnt take too long but i guess we will see.
Thats it for this week thankjs for the emails and love.
Love and miss you all

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