Sunday, October 11, 2015

week 12 short and sweet

Well not much to say as usual. Conference is awesome and powerful. Im glad we arent alone and we always have someone there with us if we are worthy of it. Being a missionary conference is so much more meaningful and you get so much more out of it. As Jeffrey R. Holland said i am thankful for mothers and their role in Gods plan for us and i hope my mother has a great week and a great birthday. I know that this gospel blesses families and individuals and it is always amazing to see it change people. I am doing great and love hearing from all of you.

Other words from Baylor in personal letters this week:

So we went to family home evening with an investigator to a members house this past week, the Crumps, and we played fruit basket upset! we used to play that with the allens all the time and it was super fun. Love you have a great week and a great birthday!!!!

(I also received a letter from that family the Crumps this is what they said)

{Sister Romney,

Our family loves having your son serve in our ward here in Carlsbad/Oceanside!

He is a great missionary and so polite and helpful when in our home for dinner. The other night he asked what he could do and I asked him to set a bowl of food on the table for dinner. He asked me, "Does it need a serving spoon?" I told him that his mom had taught him well and he responded, "Yes, yes she did."

We appreciate his service and just thought we'd let you know he is doing great. My husband and I are amazed that this is his first area as he is so polished and has such a powerful presence. The other night at dusk, I saw your son and his companion riding their bikes along the coastline towards their apartment, I had such a feeling of appreciation for them and the long distances they put in on their bikes to get places. Oh, and your son can sure eat!

Thanks for sharing your son with us here in CA. 

Happy fall. 

Autumn Crump}

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