Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 14

Hello world. This week has been really fun and i dont know why cause we didnt even do anything fun. I guess thats just what attitude does and what happens when youre a missionary. The Moreno family is in our ward and we went to visit them and their kids, Shae (8) and AJ (10), were playing football in the street and Sister Moreno is sweet and told us to go play with them so we got a game of street football going and it was awesome. Then we visited my "abuela" Bertha who wont get baptized but just wants to feed us every single day and she wont let us leave till all the food is gone and she doesnt mess around when she cooks. Reminds me of dad at home lol just throws food at me and tells me to eat it all. Shes awesome and from Chihuahua so me and her get along really well. Then we did some service and helped a member cut down bamboo and that stuff doesnt mess around. But i never appreciate and enjoyed yard work more haha being a missionary is so weird. Bob Daynes spoke in the spanish ward this past week. I see him every week and he gives me the college football run down and hes awesome.

"If this church wasnt true missionary work would of destroyed it a long time ago". Whose idea was it to send teenagers out to do the most important work??? Who would listen to a bunch of kids who just got out of high school and barely know how to take care of themselves let alone be taught how to live their lives by these kids? Whoever decided to send out young men and women knew the power of the Holy Ghost. This work is true and the power of the Holy Ghost is real. The best part about it is that we are all able to have that gift if we are worthy of it. What i say to people doesnt matter, its how they feel when they truly listen to the words i say to them. Im thankful that i am able to be out here and be the tool to changing peoples lives. I know that im not doing anything but being here and Heavenly Father is working through me to touch these people. Alma 26:12 has been my favorite scripture this past week.

I hope everyone has a great week and reaches out to those in need of help. thanks for all the support

** No im not getting transfered i got 6 more weeks in carlsbad with Elder Schow and im pumped

Yep this is where I serve, view from my bishops front yard!

This is my district the Spanish missionaries .

Me with brother (cousin) Bob Daynes our stake patriarch  and biggest Ute fan!

I've never been happier to have a football!!

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