Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 13

What a week what a week! one of the craziest hardest weeks yet. I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and went to their area so i was in English work and a zone leader for the day. English work is so much different! It was really fun. Me and Elder Schow have a dart board in our apartment so i do footwork and drop backs on our carpet when we get home at night and then throw darts haha. So my footwork will keep up. We ran to the beach Saturday morning and there was a surfing circuit going on with sponsors and tents and surfers everywhere and so we watched for awhile. It was rad.

Besides all this fun stuff it was the hardest week Ive had yet. I have been praying to be more humble and less selfish and man my prayers were answered. At the beggining of last week all the people we were teaching dropped us or we dropped them so we had nowhere to go alllll week. So what did we do? We knocked doors ALL DAY every day. Man thatll get rough on you. But you gotta do something so we knocked so many doors and just had a really hard week. "The people deserve to know" -my district leader. Towards the end of the week me and Elder Schow didnt even feel like going out and werent motivated at all, we felt terrible. But we just decided to have a complete attitude change and really attitude changes everything. "Out of comfort is my zone" that has been our quote. I love being uncomfortable because i am growing and learning more than i ever thought was possible and i am seeing miracles happen. I love this work even if it means getting told no and being rejected all day long. Its worth it when you find that one person who is ready for you. 

Thank you all for updates and the support.
The Oceanside Zone

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