Monday, December 14, 2015

week something (22)

First of all the Allen Christmas tree is sweet. Our only Christmas decoration in the apartment right now! Thanks fam I have the best family in the world. Also this past week I saw a lady walking her turtle on the sidewalk. Yes a turtle. The things you see in California...
Well you know how I always complained when we had to carol at Christmas time? Now its my favorite. So weird I know... We went caroling as a zone this past week and just being with all those missionaries and singing to people was so much fun and the Spirit was so strong with us. I love this time of year. Its great as a missionary cause people will actually listen to you haha.
I hope everyone has a great Christmas season and looks for ways to help others. There are people everywhere who are waiting for somebody to help. I love you all thanks for all the support.
Don't worry Mom Del Mar is taking care of me this branch is awesome even though the missionary work is so hard here!

Walking around eating ice cream and looking at Christmas lights LOL!

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