Monday, January 4, 2016

catching up week 23,24,25

Week 23 Dec 21
First off STAR WARS WAS SWEET!!!!! such a good movie im glad they didn't ruin it.

But this past week has been great. I gave a talk in my branch on Sunday on The Christmas Spirit and it was super cool giving a talk in Spanish. I wouldn't call it a talk cause there were like 15 members in the congregation lol. I love this little branch though they are all great strong people who are so willing. I hope everyone has a great week and a Merry Christmas! Make sure to look for opportunities to serve those around you and always remember the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. Also I didn't watch Star wars don't worry haha.
Week 24 Dec 28
Hey fam long time no see. It was rad seeing yall again you are all still punks haha. But this past week was so much fun. We had a mission wide Christmas party and so we got to see all the missionaries in the area and they are all so much fun. We had a talent show and all the Spanish misisonaries sang and danced to a Spanish song and all dressed up it was great. Christmas day was so much fun. I love my families here and friends here. We got up super early to ball with all the other Elders then had a sweet nativity seen and read Luke 2 together. The Morenos (my fam in Carlsbad) invited us over for Christmas dinner and it was so much fun seeing them again. Hope everyone has a great week and good luck moving!
Post pinata with the Guirado girls

Moreno fam

Here ya go momma


​Spanish work
Week 25 Jan 4 2016
Well missions are rough. They don't lie when they say its hard. Its hard but rewarding. Ive learned so much in these past couple of weeks but mostly that challenges are put in our life to help us grow. It was testimony meeting in our branch yesterday and every member that bore their testimony bore it about Heavenly Father helping them with their trials. Me and Elder Bucko visited a recent convert who is the most humble man I have ever met in my life. He rents a single room from a guys apartment for him and his wife and his kid to stay in. He works day to day just to get a long. He has had a lot of challenges lately and hasn't been able to work very much and we asked him to pray after we taught him a lesson in a sketch laundry room (cause his land lord wont let missionaries in) and he said a long prayer just thanking Heavenly Father for every single challenge and struggle he has had in these past couple of weeks. It was a humbling moment for me cause I know I have been focused more on myself this past week rather than others. Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need and exactly when you need it. I hope everyone has a great week and focuses on others rather than themselves, that's when we are truly happy
(More written to mom and dad)....When people say missions are rough they mean it. Not so much physically but it mentally and spiritually grinds on you. This past week has been super tough. Its getting hard to stay motivated in this area and it is bothering me so so so bad that I have to find motivation. This area is tough. Ive learned a lot of humility and patience though so that's something positive.
This past week has been a long one. Ive definitely been learning a lot of humility lately. Im super greatful for everything I have. Especially for you guys that have always been great. Enjoy the fam and the change Mom you have no idea how happy reading that email made me. I have been praying so hard all week for gunner and tate to make friends over there. That is awesome. Im super super super glad that there are so many youth and so much family over there for you guys. Sounds like a good move!. The ward sounds awesome. That's sweet youre so close to family now. I love it. . Its gonna be an adventure for you all and I know its probably rough leaving EP but I really think it was a good move.

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