Wednesday, January 27, 2016

6 months out catching up...

January 19, 2016
Hello world. Its been a week that's for sure. So when we all come back we are gonna get some bomb burritos. The things are HUGE!! Me and Elder Bucko are in a new area, the south half of the stake and its great. There are a lot more Hispanic people which is nice. Ya puedo hablar un poquito mas de espanol. So that has been nice even though its not much more.We biked again this past week and its been about 2 months and it was a mistake. Rough times. This past week me and Bucko went out with our stake president, President Clark. Such a cool guy. He speaks Spanish so it was fun. We went with him to give a blessing to a member and the Priesthood is so real. Its been a solid week. Love you all

(MORE written to us...)
. . Ive had a lot of experiences  and miracles happen but I just don't like to share them. My new area is awesome. We are still in the same zone but now we have different areas to work and there are more Hispanics here its great. And we have a super sweet apartment like a mile from the beach. Some days it feels like a complete waste of time but then some little thing will happen and I just know im out here for a reason. I am really happy to be out here.
 Ive been messaging coach T a lot lately, he said he was sad to hear about the move. I started working out at nights and drinking my protein shakes. You would be proud I make a special big one like the ones you made to drink in the mornings.

 Yeah i burned a tie for 6 months, i almost forgot about it too! That was at Hna. Del Villars house, she is my fav member shes awesome.


January 25, 2016

First off time isn't even a thing anymore I feel like I wrote you guys yesterday. But this week has been fast and good. On Tuesday me and Elder Bucko taught an English class for people in the area who know no English. So that was an adventure but we did have a lady show up and we taught her English and it turned out we had knocked on her door before and she remembered us haha. But yeah teaching was actually super fun even if it was just English and not a lesson. We watched a broadcast from SLC about missionary work. Basically "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts". It was a good refresher. I went on exchanges with Elder Allen and we were used for our free manual labor and helped a woman move her furniture for a couple hours. It was a fun week and there is always something interesting or new that happens.
Im doing good. Work is tough here. Really tough. We don't have any investigators right now but are trying to work with a couple of families that are somewhat interested. Itll pick up eventually but its the grind right now.
I hear my patriots lost yesterday. That's disappointing I was hoping for Brady to get his 5th

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