Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cali Life

February 1, 2016

Hello outside world. This week has been solid. I made like 1000 peanut butter and jelly sanwhiches with old Catholic women for prisoners in Tijuana. The power went out like 10 times on Sunday because of rain and wind. Got a free haircut from a sweet barber. Knocked on who knows how many doors and got told no who knows how many times. Taught an English class. Taught some Guatemalans. Knocked some more doors. That's pretty much how the week went right there.
Yesterday was Stake Conference here and Elder Nash of the seventy was there. He spoke really powerfully on the plan of salvation. He used Ether 2:17 as an example and how we all need to be "tight like unto a dish" meaning we need to make sure the little things are all taken care of and we are able to overcome and trails that we will have in our lives how the Jaredites did in their barges because they were "tight like unto a dish".
im learning tons and loving life. Love you all

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