Tuesday, February 16, 2016

meetings and superbowl

  This is guero
February 8, 2016
Go Patriots right? We'll get em next year... This week has been fantastic. I was pretty much out of my area on exchanges with other Elders so it went by really really fast. I saw a lot of miracles and a lot of hearts changed this past week. Me and Bucko are still out here grindin but we started teaching an 18 year old man (man not kid cause Im also 18) named Eduardo. He is from Guatemala and barely speaks English or Spanish he speaks mam i guess its a dialect from there. Most of the time i don't think he really understands what we are teaching him but he can feel the spirit so that's all that matters right? No we are working with him and he is willing to learn. Other than that not much is happening. Love you all!

What missionary work looks like in Del mar haha
February 16, 2016
Hello outside world. Im 18 years old and already tired of meetings. This week has been long but pretty good overall. Lots of meetings. Mom and Dad I met a member who has a private beach house in Punta Mita so you need to get in contact with them so we can go stay there haha. This week I did some service at the boys and girls club. Met Earnie the coolest homeless guy ever who knows a lot about temples. Watched a broadcast from SLC. Biked again. and talked to a lot of strangers.
We listened to a broadcast and Elder Grow of the 70 spoke. He spoke on the importance of reading the scriptures, praying, and attending church. As a missionary these are the three things that I invite everyone to do. These are also the three things we can do as members to strengthen our faith. So everyone read and pray daily and go to church every week. Simple enough right? Have a great week love you all.
Everything is rough haha. This area is tough. its really humbling though that's for sure. We get transfer calls this Saturday and im pretty sure im leaving but ill find out for sure on Saturday. Yeah its been warming up here a lot lately, gonna be a long summer! haha
Work is slow we cant find the couple of investigators we were teaching, they just disappeared.  Have a great week
love you all.

  I guess boxed water is cool now now??!!

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