Saturday, May 21, 2016


May 16th

Hello world. This week has been an adventure. I went on exchanges this past week with Elder Ricks down in Esco. Their bikes are broken so we walked allll day long. Ive gotten soft in my truck so my feet were destroyed with blisters when we got home that night. It wasnt a fun time. We had an inactive member text us this past week asking for us to help him come back to chuch. That was a humbling experience. He has been an Atheist for the past year or so and finally came to the conclusion that he couldnt do it on his own. None of us can. WE ALL need help. We are working with him to help build his faith back up and eventually get him to where he needs to be. We ate dinner with the Jensens and Bro. Jensen is real tight with Pres. Uchtdorf so he asked "do you want to hear his voice?" and ofcourse we said yes so he gave him a call on speaker but he didnt answer. It was still sweet though and worth writing about in my weekly email. I feel like a Bishop or something already. I was in meeting on Sunday from 7am to 1:30 pm. Long day of meetings. We are a church of meetings. Sunday evening we had a nonmember family ask us for a Priesthood blessing. The wife is going through some pains and the doctors dont know whats wrong. We gave her a blessing and the husband asked if he could have one for comfort after. 

Life is hard. Valley Center is great. I love all of you!


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