Sunday, June 5, 2016

Flat Tires and coyotes. (May 23)

hello outside world. This week has been one of the funnest yet. My professional tire changing skill came in handy this past week when we ran over a nail the size of Africa. We also had the Sister that we share a ward with leave a dead coyote on our front porch and Elder Rodriguez and I didnt allow that so we went and left it in their house. Good times in Valley Center. We had a Zone Conference with a couple of the zones. It was good to see some of my mission buddies i have served with. It was President Kendricsk last Zone Conference with us. Its going to be sad to see him leave. We got transfer calls on Saturday  and Elder Rodriguez is leaving Valley Center and is headed to Oceanside to finish his mission. Im gonna miss that chump we have had a good time together. I will be getting Elder Dowda.

This past week i gave a talk on "How can i strengthen my testimony". Its the best talk ive ever given which isnt saying much still. Speaking of testimonies, i have a strong testimony on the power of Priesthood. This past week we have given so many. Cancer, sickness, comfort no matter what the problem is the Priesthood will help. I love you all have a great week!

Hanging with the homies in Escondido

****Funny story from Laura Rush a great lady in their ward who takes good care of bay and the missionaries..
Elder Romney is much bigger then Elder Rod as you can see. We had hamburgers and polish sausages. Your Elder ate 1 hamburger, salad and fruit. Elder Rodriguez ate 2 hamburgers, 1 polish sausage, a ton of French fries, no salad lots of beans, fruit and a big bowl of ice cream. He ate for 1 1/2 hours while we all just watched with our mouths open!
My 6'6" elder (her son on a mission too) eats a lot, but not like our 5'5" elder Rod!

Yes Baylor is the same doesn't eat much!!

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