Sunday, June 5, 2016

America (May 31)

I love small towns!!! There was a parade, rodeo (that we didnt go to but it was still cool) and American flags  all over in Valley Center this weekend and i loved it. My new companion is Elder Dowda. He is from Colorado. Things are a lot different. We dont have much in common but we are going to make it work. 

This past week we had meetings on meeting on meetings on meetings. I think i had a meeting everyday except Saturday. The church runs on meetings right? haha There was a Spanish conference for all of the Spanish missionaries in the mission this past Thursday. I love being a Spanish missionary. All of my close Spanish mission buddies go home in a couple of weeks and thats the last time ill see them before they go home so it was sad. But at the Spanish conference I gave a training with another Elder and it was the funnest training ever. We trained on teaching skills adapted to the spanish culture so we had Banda music blasting and we were walking around offering pan dulce while the missionaries had to teach a lesson. 

I also met another person from El Paso! That never happens so it was pretty cool. I made a goal this week to wake up at 5:30 every morning and not go to bed till 10:30 (sounds early but im exhausted by the end of the day) everyday so i can make the most out of every minute. 

The work is a little slow right now but have alot of potential to work with. Im excited to help these spanish speaking people take the steps they need to to come closer to their Savior. 

Love you all have a great week!

Elder Romney with new comp Elder Dowda

The Spanish missionaries of the mission!

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