Monday, July 18, 2016

One Year Old

Hey civilians. This week has flown but been super fun. So much has happened!! My days are really long and busy but im loving it. Ill break down my week..

Monday: Got a couch and ate some icecream.

Tuesday: Met an older German couple that let us in the door and we had a deep life talk. They had both been through tons and are getting married soon. That was our first time meeting them both but they gave us hugs when we left. They werent interested but it was cool to find nice people haha.

Wednesday: Taught a bunch of Restoration lessons. I love that lesson. Super powerful message. 

Thursday:Taught some more Restoration.

Friday: Was in a meeting from 9 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon. Yay for meetings. I got to see a couple of my mission buddies, Higginson and Horton, who came out with me. So we were together on our year. I celebrated with cake pops and a cream soda that night.

Saturday: We went on Camp Pendleton (the marine base) to visit some members. That night we went to a wedding reception at our stake presidents house because people invited some non members and it was our dinner. Super weird being there. 

Sunday: Went to church and visited our favorite family the Wallaces. 

There are lots of in betweens but that is the summary. This is probably my most detailed email home so i hope it makes some people happy. Im loving it here in Fallbrook with Elder Major. We are working hard and having a blast. We have alot going for us in our area right now! Love you all have a great week!
***. Im super busy all day every day right now but i love it. I just really love where im at right now. We are getting shredded in all the rich neighborhoods but thats ok its just part of the missionary life hahaha. "you havent been a missionary till you have been shredded by a guy getting in his mercedes benz" -E Major

Me and elder higginson and elder Horton on our one year mark
Our entertainment center with surround sound. But we can only watch the 2 missionary videos we have haha
Me elder major and elder dressman 

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