Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pioneers and surfbums

Hey folks. Still grinding it out here in paradise. Well this week has been another quick and fun one. The biggest part of the week was the stake pioneer day activity. It was huge! We had a couple of investigators there and it was lots of pie and corn and cobbler. Good times. 

This area and ward is blessed. Its pretty spread out (kinda like Valley Center) so we are visiting members alot and they are all super down to do missionary work. It is easier to get referrals from the members than it is to talk to people on the streets here! Im loving this area.

To go off on some random things this week. We had a zone training meeting that the assistants and president didnt show up to, we visited one of our investigators in the hospital and got called out by another member to give her mom a blessing, hit some golf balls off the side of a hill during a lunch break, almost got murdered by some black widows while we were knocking doors, we were "ghostbusters", saw a huge wild fire in some mountains nearby, made some pumpkin cookies, and became some members favorite missionaries. Lots more happened but thats all i can really remember. 

Well this week me and Elder Major gave up all of our junk food and committed to eating healthy and working out twice a day. We are so committed that we blended all of our junk food together and took a sip of it to start this off. It was disgusting and yes I puked.  we hate junk food now and have no desire to ever eat it again. 

On a more spiritual note our investigator that is in the hospital is Kenny. He is 32 years old and his mom is member but hasnt been active since she was little and his dad is not a member. He is such an example of being unselfish. We visited him in the hospital and all he could talk about was how his friends were doing and how he needed to help them. He is all ready to take the step of baptism but had some health issues come up recently and has to be in the hospital. Super pumped for him though.

I hope everyone has a great week. Love you all!

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