Monday, August 1, 2016

Bumpin and grindin

Hey peeps. This past week has been a tougher one. Elder Romney was having too much fun doing missionary work so some humility was sent his way. Me and Elder Major counted it up and we had 9 lessons cancel on us.

I went on exchanges into Vista with Elder Emerick this past week. Back to spanish work for the day! Vista is super sketchy but it was nice being back in some rough places haha. We talked to this woman on the street who we thought spoke spanish but she spoke a Guatamalan dialect called mum so we tried our hardest to communicate with hand signals and very slow talking. It didnt work but it was still fun.

Thursday of last week we had a zone conference, so we got to meet up with two other zones to get trained. We talked a lot about how to work with ward and stake leaders, later in the meeting we got to have a small testimony meeting for some missionaries that are going home soon, the spirit was incredibly strong. So we had that meeting for most of the afternoon and then for the rest of the night we had teaching appointments, so we were really looking forward to that night. But when we got to the evening, all of our lessons cancelled on us. So we just sat there in our car and thought "Well God, we are trying our best, we have the truth, we have the investigators, why aren't you helping us out more?" So we decided to go and stop by some of our ward leaders and apply the training we got on how to more effectively work with them, we decided to start with the Young Mens and Young Womens since we have so much youth in our ward. When we got done with the Young Mens President, we stopped by the Young Womens President, and when we got there, their daughter had her boyfriend over. He didn't have much of any religious experience or any relationship with God, but he told us if its important to Olivia (the daughter), then its important to him. So we taught him the restoration and the spirit just filled the room. He told us he would read and pray, but his parents are very atheist, and dont want him really pursuing religion. So we were afraid he wasnt going to be able to take the steps to really progress, but later on during church on Sunday, he showed up and stayed for all three hours! Its so easy to get frustrated and shake your fist at God when things dont go the way you want them to, but there is so much that we dont see that God does. He really does have his hand in all things, and thats something that I have come to gain a HUGE testimony of. (credit to Elder Major for that paragraph)

Things always work out. Most of the time we just dont see the how and why behind everything and its not always the way we expect it to be. I was able to give a talk in church yesterday. I talked on member missionary work. It made me realize how much this gospel has changed me over the past year but more importantly how it has changed the people that i was able to bring it to. We should be sharing this gospel with everyone we see!!!! 

I love you all, have a great week and make the most of every opportunity!

Elder Romney and elder schow one last visit before elder schow went home. 

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