Monday, August 22, 2016


Hey fam, its been another busy week here in the Fallbrook 5th ward. There was a fire on the Marine base that is close by and it started raining ash. The fire nation was upon us (i hope my siblings get that one). But that isnt something that happens everyday so it was cool. Me and Elder Major were doing our daily morning run and we saw a chicken in our neighborhood and it crossed the road. We welcomed all the new missionaries into our zone, we have 5 greenies in the Fallbrook zone!! Its crazy. Im not that old mission age but im one of the oldest here. We were out knocking doors Thursday morning and got shredded by a grumpy dude and kicked out of an apartment complex. He wasnt a happy camper. One of our investigators BBQed for us and made us every meat imaginable. If you can think it he made it for us. He spoiled us. I have pictures to prove it. LOTS has happened this past week and its something new everyday. I wake up in the morning not knowing what kind of craziness is going to happen that day. I love it though and im learning and growing so much.

We have an 83 year old investigator named Norma. She is the coolest. She loves texting us and its awesome. We talked to her son on the street and he said to come by. So we went by and Norma answered the door and said come on in so we started teaching her! Its been about 3 weeks since we have started teaching her and she is so solid!! She eats the gospel up and loves to learn. What she tells us that she believes in is the same doctrine we believe in and its just so cool to see everything click with her. She has been jumping religions her entire life but has never found the place to call home and the place that feels right. Yesterday was her first time coming to church. I have never seen anyone so sensitive to the Spirit. She cried and cried and cried again. After church she told us how much she loved it and how much she felt at home. She told us she loves us and is adopting us as her grandkids. There isnt much that can beat the feeling of an investigator expressing their appreciation and love for you. Its the coolest thing ever to watch someone grow and progress in the gospel. 

Its hard to complain where im at right now. Yeah its hard and yeah its tough, but its worth it. To all you chumps that are thinking about going on a mission or arent sure, do it. Itll be the best decision you will ever make. I love you all have a great week!

Morning hike 
The food Kenny sent home with us
Monday morning hike 
Elder Phillips caught a crawdad 
Another morning hike under our local bridge

Brother Dawson. He is a 98 year old dude that we read the BOM with every Friday 

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