Wednesday, August 17, 2016

amother week in paradise Aug. 8

Hey family, its been a great week here in Bonsall. So much has happened. I don't have much time but ill just share a quick experience that happened that sums up the week.

Wednesday morning we were sitting in our apartment doing our daily studies when we heard someone knock on our door. I went to the door and answered and thought it would be nothing. But a lady was at the door and told us that she had been reading the book of Mormon and she asked us if we could go by later that day and answer some of her questions and teach her more. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!! We had someone KNOCK ON OUR DOOR and ASK US if they could learn more. Her name is Diana and she lives right above us. We went over later that day and taught her the Restoration.

Miracles happen every day. Its up to us to figure out what they are. Love you all have a great week. Good luck to Gunner and Tate cause football season is here!!!!!!

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