Monday, August 10, 2015


So another week in California. We have no real investigators right now because its a kinda new area. So we contact and knock doors all day long. Let me tell you, you have absolutely no idea who is behind that door you knock. One door an ex-gang, drug dealer/addict answered who was definitely not sober and he was really cool but he kept giving us advice on how to be better missionaries and be more effective in our work. It was awesome. Another door the guy was also not sober. He said "Mormons are my dudes" like 20 times it was awesome. Turns out he is the 15th highest decorated Vietnam Veteran though, he even showed us a picture so that was really cool. Another door two little Indian kids answered who barely spoke English and had really thick accents. I tried showing them a picture of Jesus and they started yelling "no! no! no!" and slammed the door. It was hilarious. Another door an African tribal lady anwered and didjnt speak English and her language was so cool and weird but we couldn't communicate so that was awkward. Anyways you run into a lot of different people, its fun but nobody really wants to listen. I went on exchanges with Elder Stewart my district leader this week. He is 25 and already graduated from BYU and loves eating kale. Weird dude but he was so sarcastic so we got along great. Not much else happened besides in church when the first counselor was conducting he sounded like he was announcing a soccer game so that was hilarious. Im doing great and loving California (minus the hills). I read a talk from David L. Beck where he says "When you lose yourself in serving others, you find yourself. You change and grow in ways that otherwise would not be possible." Everyone needs help and there are people out there waiting!

other comments this week:
"I rode my bike on the 101 next to the beach last night it was so cool! I got your box my comp was surprised at all the protein but I knew it was coming:)"

" Tate,Tell Gunner Joseph smith knew of the theory of relativity before Einstein...look it up its true stuff"

President and sister Kendrick with elder Romney 

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