Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Month!?!?!?

Man time flies. this week was great though. On Tuesday we got put in a trio with elder Cordery. It was his last day on the mission so he just spent the day with us. He was so awesome and confident, I learned to have tons of confidence from him, he talked to every person no matter where they were it was funny. But he woke me up at 5:45 to run 5 miles! not my thing it was terrible. but I couldn't complain cause it was his last day and we ran on the 101 which is right on the beach so it was so pretty and nice. So me and Elder Smith killed him (that's what its called when a missionary leaves) and continued on our way. We ran out of ideas one day cause we are just finding so we went to a Catholic Fellowship Home lol. Surprisingly the leader guy there was cool and let us in so we talked to tons and tons of guys. We met a Russian guy who barely moved from Russia two weeks ago and had the thickest accent ever it was so scary. He told us "Let me go smoke one real quick then we Bible study with the Mormon Book" (make sure to read that in the thickest Russian accent ever) it was hilarious. We went on exchanges this week and Elder Smith that it would be cool for me to run the area for two days even though ive been out like 3 weeks. So I ran the area and everything seemed to go well, I didn't completely ruin evething so we are good. I was with Elder Rodriguez from Spanish Fork Utah. We went to a dinner/lesson with one of our investigators, Steven, who is 9 and hasn't been baptized cause his dad wont let him. His parents are divorced but his mom is an active member and awesome. So we got there and Steven and his little brother Anchor who is 5 were both in there underwear and I felt right at home it was great. I wanted to join them but that's innaproiate for missionaries I guess lol. Anyways we are trying to convince the dad but its not really working. We did sing Happy Birthday to Anchor though and it was so cute. Anyways that's the week. Miss you all!
Excerpts from other letters to us this week
"So before I left I found your Book of Mormon from your mission and stole it and took it with me. Its all marked up and has scriptures everywhere and has helped me tons in studying and learning. On Wednesday I was kinda having a rough morning so I prayed and immediately after had a prompting to grab your old scriptures. Opened it up to the first page where you wrote the scripture D&C 121:7-8. I pictured you saying that to me and my day completely turned around and I know it was a tender mercy from god that I opened up to that. "

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