Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 7

Well I could complain about a lot of things this past week but "Just another week in paradise" as they say. Charity. That's what I learned this past week. There are people who will yell at you and tell you to go away and argue with you and just hate you for no reason at all. But you gotta love them. That's something I have really been trying to do cause it is hard. I gave a discussion in a meeting this week about charity and it is "the pure love of Christ" as it says in the scriptures. its crazy to think what he went through and still loved everyone. Anyways im working on that and I encourage all of you to try and be more Christlike and love others even if they don't love you back.
It was a slow week but we were in another sketch apartment complex and 5 little Mexican kids came up to us and started showing us  around telling us who lives where and just what doors to go to. We told them we spoke all languages cause they were surprised we spoke Spanish and so they asked us to speak all these languages and we just made stuff up and they thought we were the smartest coolest people ever haha. It was great I love kids.
Anyways that's all I got from this week, Hope everyone is doing well. Shoutout to Franklin football and best of luck this season
Im missing football bad and was thinking how gunner was doing on Friday and wishing I could be playing but I know im doing the right thing here. No baptisms yet but we are close with 3. this mission baptizes like crazy. about 400 last year im not sure how much a month but our goal as a district is 5 but its been slow. Thanks for that email dad, I am working so hard here and im so thankful that you did push me and made me do everything and taught me how to work hard cause it is making this work easier. I love you and miss you guys tons.
Elder Romney and his companion Elder Smith

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