Monday, August 3, 2015

First week in Carlsbad

Man what a week. The weather over here is amazing!!! My comp/trainer is Elder Smith. Hardest working, most obedient and awesome missionary ever (according to everyone in the mission). I agree cause he is working me so hard I am exhausted when we get home every night. We are in Carlsbad and part of Oceanside. Our apartment is like a quarter mile from the beach so thats awesome. We run every morning to where we can get a great view of the ocean and its so cool. Why did we never live here? So i got thrown right into the fire. The day i got here i taught to investigators and we contacted/tracted the entire night. Believe it or not i actually talk to people and Elder Smith is impressed with how well I am at contacting. We are on bikes and it is so rough. The hills here are not bike friendly and so steep so i get a great leg work out all day every day. Hopefull Ill have some muscle on them when i get back. Spanish speaking here is basically going in to the sketchy scary places nobody else wants to go in. Im still mainly speaking and teaching in English though. We had dinner at a members house and he is huge in sports so we watched my highlights haha it was so cool. I really do love the work. Being a missionary is actually fun if you have a positive attitude. 90% of the people we contact say no to us (20% not so nice about it) but there are people who listen. When you find that one person that listens it is the happiest feeling in the world. Anyways i hope everyone is doing great. I love California. I love the weather. I love being a missionary. -
Elder Romney
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